i)Introduction of new technologies which foster the rural entrepreneurship and rural
ii)Interaction with the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Community Based
 Organizations (CBOs) and S&T institutions for identifying problems, needs and demands
 from the area and creating a mechanism to provide the best possible S,T&M inputs in a
 comprehensive manner.
 iii)Encourage professionally trained people,institutions and senior experts from the
  respective domain to be part of this program.
  iv) State of the Art Studies on technology transfer for
    a) Zardozi and embroidery - Bhopal, Maheshwar, Chanderi
	b) Handicraft - Gwalior
	c) Textile Manufacturing - Indore
	d) Food processing techniques- Jabalpur,Khargone
	e) Soyabean oil extraction techniques-Dewas
	iv)Encouraging innovation and fostering creativity, downsizing technologies as well as
 developing new ones through the participation of technical institutions as well as grass root
 v)Technologies for physically challenged.
 vi)In order to fulfill the above objectives the activities that need to be taken up have been
  identified as :
  a)Setting up a Knowledge Resource Centre at IIT Indore.
  b)Facilitating entrepreneurship by setting up a Business Development & Support
  c)Undertaking sponsored projects and conducting specialized skills development
	and training programs.
  d)Conducting workshops, seminars, awareness programs, develop database and
	disseminate information about the various technologies and services available
	locally,regionally,nationally, and internationally.


i) Agricultural machinery.
ii) Sustainable energy (solar, wind, bio-mass).
iii) Water management (harvesting, irrigation, filtration).
iv) Waste management
v) Automation of agricultural processes.
vi) Information systems to store and process data(Database, Management information systems, Geographic information systems, Total quality management for demand and
	supply management).
vii) Civil Infrastructure (housing, transport, sanitation)
viii) Local Crafts (textile weaving, carpet weaving,stone carving,bamboo work).
ix) Health systems.
x) Education and training support.
xi) Technology for physically challenged.


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