Objectives and Plan of action

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1. Plan to organise various workshops for school teachers regarding the teaching methodology.

2. Plan to invite various school students and their teachers at IIT Indore.

3. Up gradation of the online learning platform 'Pathsala'.

4. Introducing Audio-Visual learning method.

5. Models representation for Science, Mathematics and Technology better understanding.

6. Computer training courses to improve the computer based knowledge of students as well as teachers.

7. Conduction of various competition between schools like Essay writing, experimental model preparation, etc.

8. Motivation for various competitive exams like NSO, IMO, JEE, JNVST, Indian-Oil Scholarship, etc..

9. Provide a platform to create a culture of thinking, inventing and doing, to promote enquiry based learning in schools.

10. To enable children to become motivated and engaged in Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT) through observation, experimentation, inference drawing, model building, rational reasoning and testability .

11. Provide necessary facilities and environment thereby enabling them work for their passion to create something worthy for the society.

12. Enhancement of various facilities into schools of near by villages and also focus towards the schools of our 5 adopted villages.



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Plan of action

  1. Continuously inviting various school teachers and students at IIT Indore and then their interaction with IIT Indore faculties, to show them various Experimental Labs, group discussions, etc.

  2. Visit of IIT Indore’s faculty members and students (B.Tech, M.Sc., Ph.D, Posdoc, etc.) into various schools for interaction, teaching and motivation for various exams .

  3. Preparation of various experimental models to explain the concepts of Science, mathematics and Technology .

  4. Proper motivation for the preparation of various National and International exams .

  5. Conduction of various competition between various schools students .

  6. Prize distribution to many school students for the encouragement .

  7. Motivation for higher studies.

  8. Science Exhibition to showcase models developed by students.

  9. Computer training courses and computing lab.

  10. To make them familiar with various softwares and their uses.

  11. Set up a Experimental Labs.